Focusing as a method and a technique

31/01/2020 10.00-18.00 01/02/2020 10.00-18.00 02/02/2020 10.00-15.00
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E.T. Gendlin (1926-2017), an Аustro-Аmerican philosopher and psychotherapist was a student, then a co-fellow of C.R. Rogers (1902-1987) at Chicago University in the late 1950’s and 60’s. His interest was to explicate the term experience/experiencing: so he founded Focusing.

Theoretically at any given moment we can “touch” our experience by getting into our felt sense, which is related to a specific topic, theme, problem, situation… Those could be symbolised in different modalities, using different avenues — words, sentences, imaginations, metaphors, emotions, bodily sensations, movements, mimics and many more. The felt sense is usually bodily felt in our torso — not yet precise, vague «feeling» we have related to a situation, a problem, a theme, a topic…

Here is how Lore Korbei explains Focusing: “When we have touched the felt sense and symbolised it adequately, we would feel «it is what it is» (felt shift), which will allow us to move forward. But if we are dealing with the «frozen wholes» (i.e. structure boundless), we need «responses» from others, so the psychotherapist might be one of those people, who can help to start the forward moving process. So the blockages, the stoppages — the dead ends might be overcome. A psychotherapy without focusing, i.e. bodily engaging — is unthinkable”.

In our three days workshop (24 hours) we will have the opportunity to experience all those avenues/modalities to get to our felt senses concerning different situations in the past, present and future — for us and for our clients. On the practical side this means drawing, dancing, moving, reflecting — as special input we will deal with our dreams. In the sense of expression of our inner world we are all artists!

Lore Korbei
  • A person-centred therapist in Vienna
  • 35 years client practice
  • Trainer, supervisor and coordinator of the Focusing Institute New York

Workshop will be conducted for a small group of professional psychologists or consultants (10 participants or less).
If you are interested, please contact us on [email protected] or +447595896974 (Aleksandra).