Introduction to Existential Analysis with Alfried Laengle

9:30 - 16:30
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3 March
9.30 am — 12.30 pm
In search of Fulfillment and Meaning in Life
Lecture on Existential Analysis and Logotherapy
Dr. Alfried Längle, Vienna, Austria​

A deep desire in every human being is the search of a fulfilling life – a life worthy of its time, endeavor and pain, a life with value and meaning. What can psychology contribute to this human longing? What are the keys, the ways, the complications?

Existential Analysis and Logotherapy is a specific approach to this goal with the aim to help people to come to live with inner consent. This premise prevents from many psychopathologies and forms a solid basis for their treatments. Thus, Existential Analysis is a psychotherapy and counselling program. Its main ideas will be presented and discussed by Dr Alfried Laengle, the founder of Viennese School of Existential Analysis. The lecture will also give practical cues for the realisation of an existentially meaningful life.

The lecture is intended for the wide public as well as for those interested in studying Existential Analysis further. It will be followed by Q&A session.

4 March
9.30 am — 4.30 pm
Fulfillment and meaning in life
Practical application and self-reflection using existential approach
Dr. Alfried Längle, Vienna, Austria

Seminar participants will have the opportunity to explore the ideas of Existential Analysis in relation to their own lives, under the guidance of Dr Alfried Laengle.

The seminar will explore the ideas of Existential Analysis in more depth, and show how the dimensions of a fulfilling life apply to our life and how they can be applied for clients and patients in the treatment of psychic disorders. It will include personal presentations, small group work, self-reflection, discussions and a final life demo. Participants will be able to present their own issues and get input from Dr Alfried Laengle.

This seminar will also provide an introduction and insights into the full training course in Existential Analysis that will start in London in May 2018. Participants will have a chance to engage in the workshops similar to those, which will be run during the training programme.

Dr. Alfried Längle
  • Psychotherapist, Existential Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, MD, Ph.D. Pupil of Victor Frankl.

  • studied medicine and psychology and works in private practice in Vienna as psychotherapist

  • He collaborated closely with and was a pupil of Viktor Frankl from 1983 to 1991

  • Alfried is a founder of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna);

  • Constant lecturer at Austrian Universities and in Moscow; Founder of the stately approved training school of Existential-Analytical Psychotherapy;

  • Vice President of the International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP) 2002-2010

  • Over 400 publications.

  • President and founder of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-I). Vienna, until 2017

  • Founder and scientific supervisor of a number of educational centers of existential analysis in Berlin, Hanover, Munich, Bern, Zurich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Prague, Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Riga, London.

  • Author of several books and a large number of scientific articles devoted to the theory and practice of existential analysis.

Introduction to Existential Analysis with Alfried Laengle

This weekend will cover topics such as:
• How to lead a fulfilling life?
• What are the fundamental structures and elements that compose it?
• Ways to access fulfillment in life?
• Deficits of these structures lead to psychopathology?

Birkbeck University main building via Torrington Square, Room 540, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7HX