Alexandra Kulikova

I believe that my coaching with Aleksandra came in my life at a very opportune moment when I needed help and support in identifying my priorities and finding a way to a new chapter in life – both professional and personal.

My coach helped me through the period of preparation to moving back to my home country and dealing with the career deadlock. The sessions helped me see where I’m missing the momentum, where I need to be more proactive and tick all the right boxes in a systematic way.

This was also supported by trying to strike the right balance with self-esteem. The coach made me pay a lot of attention to the value of positive attitude and offered tools to develop it (still a huge challenge though). She highlighted the limiting beliefs which frame my thinking and acting as well as revealed to me my by default self-dismissing and self-deprecating take on things. The coaching sessions also involved psychoanalytical insights for me regarding my family and personal relations.

To sum up, the experience has been extremely useful, positive and rewarding. I’ve now got the job building as desired on my most recent academic upgrade, my career seems to have taken the direction I was hoping it to take and all in all I feel that Aleksandra gave me the tools to deal with a very tough period in my life which I did my best to put to right use. I would certainly recommend her as a great professional and simply a very inspiring person.