автор: Александра Купавская

Wolves are social animals, they howl to communicate important information to their pack, i.e. to let others know that they are looking for a mating partner, or that the territory is occupied, or, just to share that they feel sad today. In winter (or in any other difficult situation) they become especially expressive and get together in packs for collective hunt – they organise charitable events for those in need, sign petitions, join various activity groups, lead and manage different whatsapp chats or just share any useful information that comes their way. Now, during the quarantine, wolves get together to play online games, organise Zoom parties, prepare and deliver lunches and snacks for staff at the hospitals, and fundraise for animal farms, museums, homeless and everyone else who is affected more than themselves. In addition to their own chores, they take responsibility for others and this cooperation helps them get through their difficult emotions. However, sometimes they should allow themselves to stay calm and quiet and spend some time with their own overwhelming feelings. As a Wolf you should not ignore or dismiss them – they are also your ‘pack’.

Ask yourself: 

  • In a situation of quarantine and isolation I realise that I need support from my pack. Do I know who is in my pack? What kind of support do I need?
  • Whose support do I need when I feel really low?
  • What are my main strengths and how can I help others? Do I know whom I can support?
  • What emotions do I experience in this situation? Whom can I share it with in my pack?
  • Even in isolation I actively maintain my social life but do I have enough time for myself? When was the last time I was just by myself, for example reading my favourite book or busy with my hobby?
  • Surprisingly, you could get really tired from online communications. Do I allow myself enough breaks?
  • What do I feel when I am on my own? What kind of support can I give myself in order to feel that l feel like myself and I will stay by my own side whatever difficulties life throws at me?

More questions to think about:

  • What is the most difficult thing for me in this situation? Perhaps you don’t want to think about it, and even more so, speak out loud, but try to separate the difficult (but bearable) from what is almost impossible to bear.
  • What happens to me when I am unable to take active actions? What feelings overwhelm me? Take a piece of paper and write these down.
  • Whose expert advice do I trust the most? What sources do I find reliable? Which ones require verification? What helps me cope with the intensive flow of information and saves me from overdose?
  • Was there anything good about this situation (that I have observed or discovered) that would I like to keep for the future when the situation changes? What exactly?